AMG 715 Foot Massager

Foot massager mitigates tiredness and pain in legs, eliminates swelling. The best solution for improving well-being and lift the spirit after a hard working day!


If you feel heavy legs and strain, pain and swelling caused by long walking or high-heels then AMG 175 Foot Massager is exactly what you need! This unique device combines 3 different massage types: kneading and roller massage, Shiatsu, and compressive massage. Combination of 3 massage types efficiently eliminates heavy legs and discomfort and has overall healthy influence on your body.

AMG 715 Foot Massager

  • Improves blood supply to feet.
  • Enhances tissue decongestion
  • Stimulates feet acupoints
  • Improves vessel function
  • Relieves muscle tension

AMG 715 Application Results

Relieved tension and discomfort in legs


Varicosity and arthropathy prevention.

Recovery and revitalization

Improved well-being and mood

Contraindications And Limitations For Use

The foot massager should not be used:

  • during pregnancy
  • by people with electric medical devices in their body, such as a pacemaker.
  • by people with tuberculosis.
  • during oncological diseases.
  • by people having phlebitis or vein thrombosis.
  • by people having diabetes.
  • by people with skin diseases.
  • by people having medical prosthetic appliances for legs, implants or screws in their body.
  • by people with joint dysfunction, for example, rheumatism, hammer toe, gout or osteoporosis.
  • by people with high risk of hypercoagulability caused by any reasons.
  • People having chronic diseases not specified here should consult their doctor before use this device.
  • Using the device by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities and children under 12 years of age should be supervised by a responsible person.

Technical Specifications

  • Power source: AC 220-240 V, 50 Hz / 12 V, 3 А.
  • Power consumption: not more than 48 W.
  • Sleep timer: 15 min (+/- 2 min)
  • Speed: high, medium, low
  •  Dimensions: 650 mm Х 390 mm Х 305 mm
  • Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Storage temperature: 15-85°С
  • Operation temperature range: from  +10°С to +40°С, humidity from  0 to 65%