Body Shaper Pro Gezatone AMG125 Anti-Cellulite Massager

Did you declare war on cellulite and excess fatty deposits? Do you want to get comprehensive massage at your own home? Then you can't do without anti-cellulite massager with IR heating and replacement caps!


Slimming and fight with cellulite, stress relieve and improvement of well-being - good body massage can provide all these. But where can you find such a masseur to be near you if and when requested, and without surcharge for his services? The solution is Body Shaper Pro developed for various massage types.


Body Shaper Pro Massager Main Functions

Vibro-massage enhances blood and lymph circulation, improves skin appearance and promotes excess fluid drainage. Moreover, effect of rotating applicators on skin and muscles stimulates breaking down adipose tissues and reduces body size. The device has 4 replacement caps for various actions:

  • Roller cap is used to massage all problem areas. This is an optimal solution for cellulite reduction, fight with unwanted inches, muscles toning and spasm relieve.
  • Roller cap provides lifting action firming skin and improving blood circulation.
  • Wave-shaped cap gives gentle relaxation massage; it is ideal for sensitive areas.
  • Supplemental textile cap is designed to protect hair during treatment and to ensure delicate action on skin.

IR heating helps to massage knots out, improves circulation, and drainage excess fluid. Combination of massage with eating ensures maximum effect from cosmetics, tones and visibly evens skin.


The unit with IR heating and vibro-massage is essential for:

Women who would like to slim their shape and get rid of cellulite signs, improve skin appearance and have relaxing massage whenever they want.

Men who actively exercise for preparing before and recovery after hard workout, spasm relieve in muscles, and improving well-being.


Body Shaper Pro – Let's Talk About Advantages

With Body Shaper Pro you get several massage types at home.

You can use the device for massaging yourself or your family treatment.

Replacement caps and smooth intensity adjustment provide wide choice of massage modes.

Absolute saving of your time and money!


Package contents:

Gezatone Body Shaper Pro Massager AMG 125 - 1 unit.

Replaceable caps - 4 pcs.

Storage bag - 1 pcs.

Operation manual - 1 pcs.