Gezatone Face Minilift Massager m808

Art: 1301129
Massager with electroporation and vibro-massage functions improves skin condition, decreases wrinkles, and improves complexion.


Gezatone Face Minilift Massager is good for rejuvenation and toning your skin, and it is always ready at hand! Gezatone Minilift Massager with with electroporation and vibro-massage functions provides combined action on skin, improves skin condition, triggers natural rejuvenation process, and treats wrinkles efficiently.

Electroporation – acts upon skin with pulse current which opens channels in skin and cells for penetration of active cosmetic ingredients ensuring maximum nourishment and moistening of cells.

Vibration massage with frequency of 6000 vibration per minute excellently relaxes muscles forming expression lines and improves blood supply to tissues.

Combination of these two action methods has tremendous effect on skin, wrinkles disappear, complexion becomes healthier, skin - firmer and more elastic.

  • Women
  • Face care