Gezatone Healthy Slimming Massage Belt m141

Gezatone Healthy Slimming Massage Belt m141.
Massage belt for comfort slimming and removal of cellulite signs. Relieves muscle spasms, improves blood circulation, helps to relax and improves general health.


It is easy to get slimmer, recover vitality, remove "orange peel" with Healthy Belt m141!

For correction of the most problem areas and body size reduction, most often specialists recommend to include vibo rmassage in active slimming treatments. But not always you can visit massage salons and spend your time and money for expensive treatments. Here is the solution: multi-purpose Gezatone Healthy Massage Belt m141! Compact vibro massager provides workout of stomack, waist, buttocks, hips, thighs, calves and back by stimulating lipolysis and decongesting.

Powerful vibration tones muscles which then become firmer and sculptured. In addition, fatty layer is decreased and cellulite disappears. Gezatone Healthy Massage Belt m141 also helps to recover vitality after working day, mitigates fatigue and relieves muscle spasms.

Gezatone Massage Belt m141 Indications For Use.

  • Intense slimming programs.
  • Fighting against cellulite, different stages.
  • Muscle performance decrement after exertion.
  • Overall fatigue and muscles spasms.
  • Tendency to leg swelling and fluid retention in fat tissues.
  • Intention to enhance efficiency of cosmetic products.

How To Get Maximum Results With Gezatone Healthy Massage Belt m141?

Combine massage with physical exercises and endeavour to balance your meals for best results.

Use active cosmetics before product use: it will be perfectly absorbed by skin and effect deeper.

Do not forget to make exercises for 5 to 10 minutes every 2-3 hours while working at computer.

Maintain water intake schedule - 8 glasses of water a day!

Gezatone Massage Belt m141 Benefits.

  • Compact size, takes little space on a shelf or in a case.
  • Durable material keeps pleasant look for a long time.
  • Automatic and manual massage modes.
  • Operated from mains.
  • 5 intensity levels.
  • Optimal cost.

Gezatone Massage Belt m141 Contraindications:

  • Oncological diseases.
  • Heart and vessel diseases.
  • Acute or suppurative inflammation.
  • Scratches, wounds, burns in treatment area.
  • Flare-up periods of heavy or chronic diseases.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Check with your doctor if you have neurologic and orthopaedic diseases or hypertension!

Package contents

Healthy Slimming Massage Belt, model m141 - 1 pcs.
Power adapter AC 220V/DC 24V, 2A - 1 pcs.,
Instructions for Use - 1 pcs.

Technical Specification.

Power voltage AC220 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption - 48 W max.

Continuous operation period - no more than 25 min.

Operation temperature range +10 ... 35°С, humidity 20-85%

Dimensions in packaging: 32х10.5х14 cm

Weight: 920 g.