Gezatone Ultrasonic Skin NanoSteam S, AH903

Trendy design of pocket skin steamer allows you to balance moisture level and help skin and hair against drying up anywhere. Skin is moisturized and you breathe much easier within 30 seconds!


Scientists assert that a certain air humidity level, about 40-60%, is required for proper body function. In this comfort microclimate mucous membranes are not parched, skin and hair keeps its natural health. However, it is lamost impossible to keep optimal moisture in present-day premises. Heating systems and air conditioners, sun and frost literally draws out water from air critically reducing humidity level. As a result, skin, hair, mucous membranes of people leaving and working at low humidity areas get dry which leads to health problems and worsen appearance.

Fortunately, there is solution: pocket Skin NanoSteam S which disperses weightless water drop cloud and recovers normal microclimate around you within 30 seconds.  Breathe fresh air in the tube, at work or home as on seashore.

Face NanoSteam: How It Works?

Face NanoSteam atomizes water particles by 140 kHz ultrasonic vibrations. Water veil covers your skin and penetrates through skin barrier moisturizing your face from within. 30 seconds of dispersion rebalance air humidity and improve skin, hair and mucous membrane condition. And the important fact is that you should not worry about your make-up or garments safety: steam particles are very fine and do not cause stains.

Benefits Of Gezatone Ultrasonic NanoSteam S

  • Within half a minute the product enriches skin with moisture, recovers its balance and enhances protective properties.
  • Use the steamer after suntan, beauty treatments as a counterirritant stimulus to skin or to reduce feeling of tightened skin.
  • The container may also be filled  with serums or toners. The product atomizes cosmetic liquids into fine-dispersed steam which penetrates deeply into skin layers and acts from within.
  • Maintaining of skin moisture balance slows down withering process and wrinkle formation. Steamer regular application improves complexion, firms and tones skin.
  • Water nanoparticles do not damage make-up or clothes. Spraying over makeup refreshes and makes it tougher.
  • Slide the cover and enjoy your sensations. Your skin and hair is moisturized and refreshed, and your breath is lighter just in 30 seconds!

Package contents

  • Gezatone Ultrasonic NanoSteam S AH903 - 1 pcs.
  • Case - 1 pcs.
  • Water container - 1 pcs.
  • Operation manual - 1 pcs.

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: AAA batteries 4 pcs. x 1.5 B
  • Steamer tank volume: 6 ml
  • Product gross weight: 105 g.
  • Packing size:  13х8х13 cm
  • Family
  • Face care