Gezatone m703 Biolift 4 For Neck&Chin EMS

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The onset of the double chin and changes in face contours is an evident sign of aging. Cosmetics cannot overcome this; you will need Gezatone Biolift4 EMS!


Double-Chin: Where Has It Come From?

Many women admit that in general they are satisfied with their look but unwanted double chin and changes in face contours  defaces the whole appearance. As a rule, these defects increase the weight of face  and make it visually older.

The double chin appears as a result of reduced tone of skeleton muscles and accumulation of fat in this area. Due to muscle sagging the face contours deform and neck furrows increase, and applying cosmetics does not help much to solve these problems.  Modern technologies offer us a solution: non-surgical face lift -  electrical myostimulation! Gezatone m703 Biolift4, a hand-held myostimulator for neck and chin helps you to forget about unpleasant neck furrows and deformed jawline forever!

Gezatone M703 Ems: Get Rid Of Imperfections For 3 Minutes Per Day!

Portable Gezatone Biolift4 EMS is designed specially for correction of neck and chin area to firm muscles and to reduce fatty deposits in this area. The product combines two methods of treatment, which enhance themselves for the best result! The treatments requires three minutes only, and you will notice visible results in two weeks of the product use.

Electrical myostimulation is a nun-surgical lift by low pulse current. After this treatment muscles are noticeably firmed and strengthened and fatty deposits are burned off. The result: ideal face contours.

Vibration 12.000 cycles per minute enhances blood and lymph flow, recovers skin firmness and elasticity. With vibration action fatty deposits are reduced and the applied cosmetics are absorbed much better. The result: smoother skin without wrinkles.

Biolift 4 EMS Main Functions.

  • Neck and chin lifting.
  • Fatty deposits decrease and neck furrows reduction.
  • Stimulation of blood and lymph flow.
  • Visible rejuvenation effect.
  • Makes face contours more defined and neck firmer.
  • Skin toning and firming.
  • Better absorption of cosmetics by skin.

Gezatone m703 Biolift4 - Pluses And Pluses Only!

  • The product combines two methods providing maximum rejuvenation and lifting effect.
  • Biolift4 has two vibro-massage modes: continual and pulsing, as well as 4 myostimulation intensity levels.
  • The device is ideal for travel: it operates from internal batteries.
  • Electrodes are made from titanium which is hypoallergenic material and it does not cause irritations.
  • You can carry out treatments yourself and they are comparable to salon treatments in action!
  • Neck and chin lifting without pain or risk, no injections nor scalpel!
  • No any recovery period: right after the treatment you can got to work or a meeting.
  • Only three minutes per day are required for an ideal result.
  • Maximum efficiency and safety has been proven by EMS method researches for many years.
  • After just one treatment your skin becomes firmer, and  you will notice excellent results in rejuvenation and neck and chin lifting in two weeks!


Let yourself be beautiful, create your own beauty salon at your home. Gezatone Biolift4 will become your reliable companion and replace expensive visits to a beautician!


  • Pregnancy.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Diseases of circulatory system, pacemaker.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Disseminated sclerosis.
  • Postsurgical recovery period.
  • Trombophlebitis.
  • Dermatological diseases: rosacea, any type of acne, skin postpeeling condition.
  • Hypersensetive skin, skin integument injury (scars, scratches).
  • The product is forbidden to use on birthmarks.


Package contents

Gezatone Biolift 4 m703 - 1 pcs.

Operational manual - 1 pcs.

Warranty Card - 1 pcs.

Packing box - 1 pcs.