Gezatone Minilift Eyes Massager m 809

Art: 1301130
Roller massager for rejuvenation and firming skin around eyes, enhances cosmetics penetration into skin, eliminates puffiness and dark circles around eyes.


Gezatone has designed special multifunction Minilift Massager m809 for rejuvenation of skin around eyes. This massager helps to eliminate aging changes, smooth out wrinkles and improve skin condition.

Electroporation method provides specially developed electrical pulses which enhance penetration of cosmetics into skin deep layers where they are absorbed more efficiently; skin becomes firmer and moisturized.

Vibration of 6000 per minute visibly tones skin, improves blood and lymph flow resulting into decrease of wrinkles around eyes.

Gentle roller massage provides significant decongestive action, does not stretch and damage delicate skin around eyes.

Combination of three action methods ensures quick and visible skin rejuvenation results, improves its appearance, firms and decongests. The massager is very compact, pocket-sized and battery operated device which you can take with you anywhere.

  • Women
  • Face care