Gezatone Pedi Pro Roller File 126 D

Art: 1301151
Handy electrical pedicure file for removal of rough skin on feet, corns and callosity.


Smooth Feet Skin With Gezatone Pedi Pro File

It is not necessary to waste lots of time and money for pedicure in a beauty salon to get feet perfectly gentle and sleek. Innovative Pedi Pro File by Gezatone makes your feet as soft as baby's!

Pedi Pro is easy to use and absolutely safe, the device removes keratinous skin only without damaging tissues. Each treatment takes 1 minute only - Pedi Pro removes rough skin in a flash leaving feet clean and smooth. The devices perfectly treats dry skin, there is no need in skin softening in a bath before using this file.

Gezatone Pedi Pro File Benefits

Rollers are made from special abrasive material which removes keratinous epidermis only, without damaging skin.

The roller rotates at an angle of 360 degrees, 70 cycles per second which allows to remove rough skin, corns and callosity quickly and efficiently.

Lighting function makes the treatment very comfortable and efficient.

Two rollers in a kit for different skin types: blue roller is for treatment of most rough skin areas; white roller is for more sensitive skin.

Moisture-proof casing: you can treat your feet wherever you want, for example, in a bathroom.

Pedi Pro File operates much faster and safer than steel scrappers, skin becomes delicate and soft without any efforts and preliminary preparation.


Please consult your doctor before product use If you have any diseases.

It is forbidden to use by people with diabetes or disturbed blood circulation.

Please consult your doctor before product use If you have a pacemaker.

Please consult your doctor if you have skin diseases.

The product is not recommended to use on damaged skin.

Do not use the product on skin with warts.

Do not use the product on irritated skin or open wounds.


Technical specifications

Input voltage: AC 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Output voltage: DC 12 V, 500 mА (power adapter).

Rotation speed: 4200 rpm

Package contents

Gezatone Pedi Pro Roller File 126 D - 1 pcs.

Power adapter - 1 pcs.

Replaceable head - 2 pcs.

Cleaning brush - 1 pcs.

Operation manual - 1 pcs.