Gezatone RF Lifting Massager

Art: 1301117
The up-to-date technologies provide us with multi-purpose Gezatone RF Lifting m1601 for muscle lifting and face rejuvenation. RF Lifting device provides professional treatment in the comfort of your home! And it can also be used during body reshaping and slimming treatments thanks to its special functions for body.


The first device combining two most effective methods for non-surgical face lift: radio frequency lifting and mio-stimulation.

The product is intended for face skin firming and lifting as well as for muscle toning. Moreover, Gezatone RF Lifting Massager has special programmes for body: you can easily do away with fatty deposits and cellulite, make body slimmer, recover skin firmness and tone.

What is radio frequency lifting?

Radio frequency lifting is technology using radio frequency waves to treat skin which evokes local heating of treated skin areas. Radio frequencies do not damage skin and heat solely deep skin layers: dermis and subcutaneous fat. Such a local heating improves blood and lymph circulation, recovers vessel functions, enhances all metabolic processes.

Induced by RF Lifting, collagen fibres deformed and sagged over the years recover their initial shape which is visually evinced by quick wrinkle smooth of and skin lift. Moreover, RF Lifting stimulates production of new collagen and elastin fibres by skin cells which enhances the smoothing effect.

Radio frequency treatment also helps to fight against fatty deposits and cellulite. Local heating facilitates decreasing fatty cells and tightening collagen fibres, so skin surface becomes smoother. In addition, radio frequency heating activates micro-circulation in tissues which promotes elimination of excess fluid from body. The device application provides general rejuvenation of skin, decrease in fat volumes, active elimination of excess fluid

EMS for face and body: tightened and toned muscles

EMS technology provides action equal to passive workout via delivering small electrical pulses to the muscles which ensures maximum tightening effect and recovering muscle tone. As a result, recovered face muscle tone, decreased wrinkles amount and depth, reshaped face contours and double-chin. That is to say, the effect is equal to a circular face lift with the only difference: you do not need to lie under the surgeon's knife!

Body mio-stimulation is an intensive method of body reshaping which helps to recover tone of skeleton muscles, fight with unwanted fatty deposits, cellulite. For this reason RF Lifting is a comprehensive product to address maximum tasks on face and body care at home! 
The product also has an extra vibration and red emission spectrum function. The vibro-massage activates local blood supply and lymph flow, relieves spasms of muscles of expression, enhances efficiency of the device. The red emission spectrum gently and delicately treats skin by stimulating native collagen and elastin production in cells which results in firmer and more elastic skin.

The RF Lifting Massager action:

  • Rejuvenated and lifted facial skin
  • Reshaped facial contours
  • Disappeared double chin
  • Reduced wrinkle amount and depth
  • Toned and firmer skin
  • Tightened and strengthened body muscles
  • Fights with cellulite
  • Reduced unwanted fatty deposits
  • Decreased stretch marks
  • Toned body skin

The RF Lifting Massager special features:

The product operates from an internal rechargeable battery which allows to use it any time in any place convenient for you. You can look after yourself during trips and on travels, and no power adapter wire hinders you. A special protection gel should be used during treatments; it prevents overheating of skin integument and ensures maximum efficiency.

The device has 5 action programmes which provide full-fledged comprehensive skin care, tighten facial and body muscles, return your youth and beauty. Five intensity levels make the product convenient in use and comfortable for all skin types including hypersensitive.

Its ease of use and convenience makes it a unique combination of efficient rejuvenation techniques in a single compact device!


  • Children are forbidden to use.
  • People with pacemaker or other electronic implants.
  • Pregnancy, lactation period.
  • Acute disease patients: tuberculosis, pyreticosis, infectious diseases, communicable disease.
  • People with heart disease.
  • People with scars.
  • People with eye disease or during eye treatment.
  • People with skin disease or allergic dermatitis or with sensitive skin.
  • Rosacea (spider veins on face)
  • People with red and flaking skin caused by excessive sunburn
  • People with acne and pimples, pyoderma, dartre.