QuickSonic Ultrasound Device (BioSonic 2000 Model KUS 2K)

Art: 1303101
Professional ultrasonic face cleaning (peeling), stimulation and regeneration, skin stiffness improvement. Ergonomic design, usability and increased power.


Induced by ultrasonic waves, skin is delicately cleaned from impurities, blackheads are removed, complexion is evened, age spots are depigmented. Ultrasonic micro-massage stimulates tissue regeneration, enhances metabolic process in skin cells, stimulates neocollagenesis and elastin production. Ultrasonic micro-massage in pulse mode combined with active concentrate provides lifting action, decreases edema.

BioSonic 2000 KUS-2K model works from internal battery. Ergonomic design, usability and increased power is a hallmark of this model.

  • Men
  • Women
  • Face care