RF-lifting is a perfectly safe method of skin rejuvenation which made it extremely popular all over the world. The results are impressive: wrinkles disappear, the skin becomes smooth, toned and generally looks much younger. The method is simple: skin surface is heated by radio waves which results in deformed collagen and elastin fibers reduction. The treatment also stimulates “youth proteins” production. It does not damage the top skin layer which implies no pain or recovery period. The lifting effect is noticeable after a single treatment while the accumulative result becomes visible after six months.

RF-lifting device OK 018 BIO SONIC

Multifunctional 6-in-1 RF-lifting device M1610

RF-lifting device RF-lifting + microcurrents M1607

RF-lifting device RF-lifting + EMS M1601

Professional advice


Step 1. Remove makeup and cleanse your skin. Apply a thin even layer of a Beauty Style contact gel.

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